Elisa Maino InstaFitBio
Posted in Italian January January 17

Elisa Maino

Elisa Maino First Name: Elisa Last Name: Maino Nationality: Italian Date of Birth: January 17, 2003 Place of Birth: Rovereto, Italy Hair Color: Brown Eye…

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Kiara Amato InstaFitBio
Posted in April April 6 French

Kiara Amato

Kiara Amato First Name: Kiara Last Name: Amato Nationality: French Date of Birth: April 6, 2003 Place of Birth: France Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color:…

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Savannah Clarke InstaFitBio
Posted in Australian July July 14

Savannah Clarke

Savannah Clarke First Name: Savannah Last Name: Clarke Nationality: Australian Date of Birth: July 14, 2003 Place of Birth: New South Wales, Australia Hair Color:…

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Valeria Collazo InstaFitBio
Posted in American November November 30

Valeria Collazo

Valeria Collazo First Name: Valeria Last Name: Collazo Nationality: American Date of Birth: November 30, 2003 Place of Birth: Pembroke Pines, Florida Hair Color: Brown…

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Carole Karam InstaFitBio
Posted in February February 27 Lebanese

Carole Karam

Carole Karam First Name: Carole Last Name: Karam Nationality: Lebanese Date of Birth: February 27, 2003 Place of Birth: Lebanon Hair Color: Brown Eye Color:…

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Lucia Bellido InstaFitBio
Posted in November November 9 Spanish

Lucia Bellido

Lucia Bellido First Name: Lucia Last Name: Bellido Nationality: Spanish Date of Birth: November 9, 2003 Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain Hair Color: Brown Eye…

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