Francesca Nardo

Francesca Nardo InstaFitBio
Francesca Nardo InstaFitBio

Francesca Nardo

First Name: Francesca
Last Name: Nardo
Full Name: Francesca Nardo
Nationality: Italian
Date of Birth: December 13, 1995
Place of Birth: Vittorio Veneto, Italy
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Measurements: (US) 35-25-37 (EU) 89-63.5-94
Height: 5.5 ; 165 cm

Francesca Nardo Instagram – @francescanardo
Francesca Nardo TikTok – @francescanardo13


The girl, who lives in Vittorio Veneto, in her stories tells all her days in a simple and direct way, with that pinch of irony that never hurts.
Some time ago Francesca Nardo and Mario Balotelli had been approached, perhaps due to the fact that he had written her right on Instagram, but she would have answered “spades” in an unclear story.

What was true? At the moment we don’t know but one thing is certain: she remained and is still engaged today. Indeed,
very engaged! Her boyfriend’s name is Matteo Buffo with whom he has been in a relationship for a few years now.
The two, inseparable, are one of the nicest and sweetest couples on the web.

In the girl’s stories the two are often together, between kisses and mutual jokes, between a football game and an evening on the sofa watching a Netflix TV series.
In short, true love in simplicity.

Many users have wondered if Francesca Nardo is redone or not, with reference probably to the breast.
At the moment, the answer would be “no” for that part of the body, while it never hid the filler to the lips to make them more fleshy and full-bodied.

Francesca Nardo despite this and an alleged flirtation – categorically denied – with Mario Balotelli, remains a real star on Instagram as evidenced by the numerous sponsorships on her channel.
When simplicity, humility and culture (she has a degree in Educational Sciences, even if that doesn’t seem to be her way) win over everything.