Andrea Cooper

Andrea Cooper InstaFitBio
Andrea Cooper InstaFitBio

Andrea Cooper

First Name: Andrea
Last Name: Cooper
Full Name: Andrea Cooper
Nationality: Colombian / American
Date of Birth: December 16, 1994
Place of Birth: Colombia
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Andrea Cooper Instagram – @andreacooperoficial
Andrea Cooper TikTok – @andreacooper1111
Andrea Cooper Facebook – @andreacoopeer

Personal Interests:

Modelo, Influencer, Redes sociales, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube


Model & Influencer
Andrea Cooper is a woman who wants to eat the world has always struggled to get ahead both professionally and personally, at the age of 15 she becomes Ana Sofía’s mother, an experience that she assures was never an impediment to fulfill her goals “during my pregnancy had to be very aware of my health but I barely had my daughter and I could recover the first thing I started to do was work and finish my studies ”, her daughter is her greatest motivation.
When he came of age he decides to enroll in a modeling agency where he begins to take his first steps in this industry; Photos, parades and catalogs are some of the works that have helped catapult his career as a model. It is no secret to anyone that social networks are the greatest platform to be known for that reason, it is that this beautiful landscape has focused on creating content for its followers on Instagram and recently ventured into the YouTube platform.
In the two social networks Andrea shows her day to day, always showing herself spontaneous, smiling and very active, qualities that she considers are those that her followers appreciate, her goal is to create entertaining and varied content by sharing her exercise routines, eating plans to as well as taking her followers with her whenever she has the opportunity to meet a new place.

But wait! Even more, Cooper wants to surprise all his followers, he told us that he is studying to become a DJ and combine it with his modeling profession, but the surprises do not stop there, these days this country is dedicated to Full to work on his new goal, his own underwear brand, under his name he will seek to impose his style and dress women so that they feel more attractive than ever.
For now, Andrea is focused on carrying out all her projects and positioning herself as a DJ and creator of social media content. It is a challenge and a great achievement for a woman who is only 23 years old but who is very clear about what she wants for her and her daughter.


Favorite food?

Pasta and beans.

Favorite music?

I am very crossover.

Have pets?

Yes and no, rather I had two dogs but I had to give them away for time issues but I do know who has them and they are super well cared for.

What is the best plan to relax?

Going to a spa, I really love taking care of myself and of course the best plan is to share with my daughter, be at home and read a good book are the best relaxing plan.

How do you describe Andrea Cooper?

I am a woman from Berraca and leaned forward, sensitive. I believe that I am always looking for the well-being of mine and the people around me.